Leatherman Australia has recently employed German social media wunderkind Simon Hammer on a half year international internship. One of his first missions was to join the team from adventurer blogsite We Are Explorers on a trip into NSW's beautiful Blue Mountains. Here is his report on the journey:

"The world heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park was the perfect spot for Leatherman Australia and the We Are Explorers team to take a two-day hiking trip with the goal to use Leatherman products in as many different ways as possible. Luckily they took me, a German greenhorn intern, with them to show me the beauty of the Australian nature.

Early Thursday morning four young men started their way down into the Blue Mountains valleys with the essentials for an overnight camping adventure on their backs and a bunch of Leatherman's on their belts. Also with them - a long list of tasks from the social community with usual and unusual tasks which could be achieved
with a Leatherman.


Down in the valley nature is indescribably beautiful. A variety of different flowers, birds voices everywhere, high trees, stunning creeks, amazing waterfalls - as a German tourist it felt unreal. On our way to our campsite, we used the Leatherman for different purposes, for example, to measure the distances on the hiking map, open food containers and to adjust the camera gear. After we arrived at the campsite which was right next to a beautiful creek we took a swim in the river. Following, we even used the pliers of a Leatherman to pull out a leech out of the one guy toes - who could think of such a use??

In the evening it got colder, so we had to start a fire! Good that we had our Leatherman Signal with us, with the sharp blade it was easy to make tinder, and after a few tries with the Firestarter we had a perfect camp fire to make us dinner.


The next morning, we got woken up by bird voices, after a quick dip in the creek and using a Leatherman with a cotton tip to brush our teeth we started to make us breakfast. Once again we used the Leatherman to start a fire. After some little other fixes with the Leatherman including cutting the tent line, removing small batteries from the headlamp, tightening the screws of our sunglasses. We started to wrap our campsite and moved forward to our finishing point. To get there, we had to follow the creek, and in the end, we had to challenge a high ascending peak. On our way, we saw a red-belly snake and lizards which I'm told are called "bearded dragons". My first time I saw a snake in real life which really scared me - snakes in wildlife are real! As we reached the car finally, we grabbed some beer and opened it with a Leatherman since every model includes a bottle opener.

For me, it was a sweet first touch with the nature of Australia which is beautiful and full of surprises. As from now I will always take a Leatherman with me, which will help me out in every situation which the everyday life offers."

A big thanks to Simon for sharing his story, and we'll be sharing more photos and videos of the journey on the Leatherman Australia Facebook page and other
social media sites soon.