Children love to discover the world with their own eyes, and with the new Kidled headlamps from Ledlenser, they can continue their adventures even after the sun goes down.

Both the Kidled2 (non-rechargeable) and Kidled4R (rechargeable) come in two vibrant colour styles, with illustrated headbands that will appeal to girls and boys alike. Whether for reading, on night walks, as a colourful signal light or light toy, Kidled headlamps will help brighten young lives.



  • Large, two-button control system designed to make operation simpler for children.
  • Safety headband that will automatically release if sufficient load pressure is applied.
  • Three colour LED system (white/red/blue) with two brightness levels and flashing modes.
  • Low-glare optics top help protect sensitive eyes if accidentally shined in the face.
  • Metal clip on the back of the lamp head allows for easy attachment to belts and straps without the headband.
  • Bright colours and illustrated headbands to appeal to children.

To learn more about the Kidled models, visit the Ledlenser brand page HERE.