We've taken Traser to new heights, and the quality that we build in to each watch has proven itself! It all began as one of those 'i wonder what would happen questions' - We asked ourselves, 'I wonder if we sent a Traser watch up to the stratosphere and have it return to earth, would it come back in perfect condition?'

Well, we did it and the results were amazing. Checkout the video below:


How did the experiment work? We attached a traser® H3 P 6600 Sand to a weather balloon filled with hydrogen (Ø 2.3m when departed, Ø 13m when burst, filled with 6.4 cubic meter hydrogen). At dawn in a rural area, we released the weather balloon. A built-in camera and a GPS transmitter enabled us to film and track the flight of the balloon and locate it afterwards.

 At a height of 37 km, the balloon burst and the watch attached to a parachute came down to earth with a speed of +/- 11 km/h.

After 5 hours, the on board GPS showed us its exact landing site.

The watch landed in the preserve area of Haut de Cry, Switzerland, on an altitude of 2244m, coordinates N46.291249, E7.262998.

We recovered the watch in impeccable condition! The quartz movement stood still under the influence of +/- 60 ° C in the stratosphere, but after the watch entered warmer temperatures again, the movement began ticking again.

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