We are continuing to broaden our range of Rite in the Rain's all-weather writing solutions here at Zen, and recently we introduced some of their most durable products, including DuraCopy printer paper, which can be used underwater, the rugged Mechanical Clicker Pencil and more:

DuraCopy waterproof printer sheets - 8.5 X 11 inch

For extreme underwater applications, DuraCopy waterproof sheets are unrivalled in endurance, performance, and ease of use. These synthetic sheets allow users to print waterproof documents that can be used underwater for prolonged periods of time.

Product Code: XR6511


Mechanical Clicker Pencil w/clip

Rite in the Rain's mechanical clicker pencils are built to be tough, dependable and refillable. The pencils feature a knurled metal grip for ease of use while wearing gloves and the 1.3mm thick lead will not break easily.
Product Code: XRBK13

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