Zen has just received a whole slew of new products from Powertraveller - the experts in a lightweight, rugged and portable outdoor power sources. The new products include a host of advanced features such as higher storage capacities, wireless charging, LED lighting and more. 

Here are some highlights of the new product range:


Compact yet powerful, the Swift 40 houses a 10,000mAh battery and is capable of charging most 5V electronic devices including smartphones, action cameras, headlamps and more. With built-in micro USB and Lightning cables, this power pack also has a bi-directional USB-C port, plus 5V USB output and micro USB input, making it a truly versatile charger. As well as charging 5V devices, the Swift 40 will provide a charge to compatible USB-C Laptops, giving up to 5 extra hours of use.

The Harrier 25 6700mAh power pack allows you to wirelessly charge compatible smartphones or other 5V devices while on the move. The strong elastic strap lets you safely & sturdily attach devices to the product while recharging and there's an included USB output for wired charging. Waterproof & Dustproof to IP65 Rating.

The Kestrel 40 foldable 12-watt solar panel features an integrated 10,000mAh battery to provide plenty of charging storage for your devices. It includes dual 5V USB outputs for charging smartphones, action cameras, GPS and more, plus a micro USB input. The Kestrel 40 is also water-resistant to an IPX6 rating and made from hard-wearing materials.


Other new additions to the Powertraveller range include the Nightjar multi-colour LED bulb light, Merlin power packs with integrated LED torch, Nighthawk 15 LED torch with built-in emergency power source, Condor 100 multi-voltage power pack and Redstart 50 portable emergency jump starter for 12V vehicles.

To see all the new Powertraveller products now available, click HERE.