Camjam XT Feature

CamJam XT - the tie-down tool that makes light work of securing your heavy loads - will soon be available in a larger model that can take on even heavier jobs.


The CamJam XT aluminum rope & cord tighteners feature Nite Ize signature, knot-free CamJam tightening and tensioning technology. Built from durable, cast aluminum, this rugged combination of carabiner and cam mechanism is designed to tighten, tension, connect and secure serious loads..

The CamJam XT products feature a carabiner clip and gate on one end, and a rotating cam mechanism on the other. This clever design allows the CamJam XT to be configured in either a Fixed End or a Loop System to securely tie down lumber, gear, and other heavy loads. In both systems, the CamJam XT can be easily adjusted and re-adjusted time and again to tackle a multitude of tie-down projects over the years.

The original CamJam XT has a Load Limit of 45 kg and Break Strength of 136 kg, and holds cord from 2mm-5mm in width, The new CamJam XT Large has a Load Limit of 227kg and Break Strength of 680kg, and can hold cord or rope with a diameter of 3mm-9mm. 

The CamJam XT is available now and the CamJam XT large will be available from July. Visit for further details.