The portable lighting experts at Ledlenser are always looking to improve the usability of their range through the development of high-quality accessories that broaden the scope of what their flashlights and headlamps can do. This month, they have a bunch of new and exciting accessories available to ensure you get more from their Ledlenser.

Tripod Type A

With this tripod, you have full control over the position of your Ledlenser and your hands are still free. The tripod will fit all torches with a diameter between 30mm and 45mm, so can attach them and focus on other things – like fishing, photography or hunting. The flexible legs allow you to always aim the light beam at what’s important. PRODUCT CODE: ZL500993

Charging Station with 14500 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

This handy battery/USB recharger pack will give your MH3 or MH4 headlamp a performance boost with a brightness increase from 200 lumens to 400 lumens in Power mode! The compact charging unit can be used to recharge the battery in any available powered USB slot. PRODUCT CODE: ZL500986

14500 Lithium Ion Charging battery

Suitable as a spare or replacement battery for the MH3, MH4 and MH5 headlamps, this battery can be recharged up to 1000 cycles and will also give your MH3 or MH4 a brightness increase in Power mode from 200 to 400 lumens! PRODUCT CODE: ZL500985

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack suits MH7, MH8 

Suitable as a spare or replacement battery for the MH7 and MH8 headlamps, this battery is good for up to 1000 charging cycles. PRODUCT CODE: ZL500987

Go to the Ledlenser section of the website to find out more about the new accessories.