Zen Imports




Our Warranty Department and Service shop is currently closed due to the current COVID19 restrictions in NSW. As we receive further information we will update our website. For any questions, please call 1800 064 200 and follow the prompts to speak with the Customer Service department, or email us at zen@zenimports.com.au

To make a warranty claim, please complete these steps:

  1. Complete theĀ ZEN WARRANTY FORM
  2. You'll receive a confirmation once you submit the form. Please print and include this with your returning item. At a minimum, please note your unique Warranty Job Number (you'll receive this once you've submitted the form) on the parcel before you send it to us.
  3. We highly recommend that you register the package with Australia post for tracking, as if we don't receive the item, we won't be able to proceed with your claim.
  4. You'll hear from us when we've processed your claim and return your repaired or replaced product. You'll receive tracking details for this in a separate email.
  5. If there's any issues, please contact us at zen@zenimports.com.au, quoting your Warranty Job No!