Zen Imports

Warranty Form

(if sending back multiple items, please list them all below)
In the majority of cases, your product will be replaced with a new unit by default.
If your product has sentimental value to you, please do not send it in, and instead contact our customer service team.

The warranty for Leatherman and Ledlenser is handled by Zen Imports Pty Ltd. Under the warranty of Leatherman and Ledlenser, we will repair or replace your item at our discretion. If we choose to replace the item instead of repairing it, your original product will not be sent back to you.

Before returning a torch make sure to put in fresh batteries and that they are inserted the way indicated by the + and – symbols. See if this resolves the issue as it will be the first thing we do.

Note: Once you press the submit button, we will send you an email confirmation to print out and send back with your faulty item