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Endura 4 Lightweight BRcg Green ZDP189-Plain Blade



    Endura 4 Lightweight British Racing Green ZDP189 - Plain Blade

    The knife industry is constantly pushing the envelope searching for, and testing, higher performance blade steels. ZDP189 is rapidly asserting itself as an up-and-coming steel. It's a powdered metal made by Hitachi that has phenomenal chemistry with 3% carbon. The hardness is around 64Rc and edge retention is exceptional. This solid ZDP-189 steel blade is the hottest, hardest and highest performing steel in the knife industry today.High-performance or exotic steels like ZDP-189 are offered on many of Spyderco's everyday-carry working folders including the Endura 4 Lightweight. 

    Handle: 126 mm
    Blade: 97 mm
    Blade Steel: ZDP-189
    Weight: 94g
    Includes: Ambi 4-position clip

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    Barcode 716104000777