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Squeeze Universal Dash Mount



    Dock your phone for the drive ahead with the universal, lightweight, and adjustable Squeeze Dash Mount. Easy to set up and secure, this ball-and-socket mount is designed to hold virtually any phone with a case and accessories, keeping your apps and maps in clear view with just a squeeze. The Squeeze Clamp features grippy arms and inner continuous force springs that amplify the hold of your phone, keeping it in place through off-roading adventures, tight turns, road trips, and beyond. Plus, the easy-to-squeeze levers at its base allow for effortless securing and releasing—no extra grip strength needed.


    The included Dash Mount sticks anywhere on your dash with 3M® VHB® foam adhesive, adhering to flat and slightly curved surfaces. At the top of the Dash Mount is a rounded ball joint, designed to connect to the socket back of the Squeeze Clamp in a snap. The included attachment collar links the Dash Mount and Squeeze Clamp together, allowing you to adjust the Squeeze Clamp to your perfect viewing angle and tighten it in place. As a bonus, on the back of the Dash Mount is an integrated hook for your charging/aux cord to keep it in place and out of the way. No matter your phone, car, or destination, Squeeze will hold strong through it all.



    • Fits most phones with a case and accessories | 60mm - 93mm
    • Squeeze Clamp features easy-to-squeeze levers with grippy arms for a secure hold
    • Adjustable ball and socket design rotates to your perfect viewing angle
    • Attachment collar allows you to adjust Clamp and lock in place at desired viewing angle
    • Dash Mount features 3M® VHB® foam adhesive for secure attachment
    • 3M® VHB® foam adhesive can be removed without damage to surfaces
    • Hook on back of mount keeps charging/aux cord out of the way
    • Inner continuous force springs within Clamp amplify hold while reducing effort needed to secure phone
    • Includes: Squeeze Clamp, Dash Mount with 3M VHB foam adhesive, and Attachment Collar



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    Barcode 094664052222