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Klymit Versa Luxe Blanket - Blue



    All the features of the award-winning Versa Blanket, now with a technical high-loft fleece inside. The blanket stores easily in the foot box, creating the perfect pillow. As a 2.0 metre x 1.5 metre blanket, it can completely surround one person, or be shared with a friend. Corner snaps, a cinch cord on one end and foot box on the other create a sleep system. Engineered for versatility. The outside soft touch ripstop serves as a barrier for the elements, while the soft fleece keeps you warm and cosy.



    • High-loft Fleece inside, Soft-touch Polyester ripstop outside
    • Klymalite™ synthetic loft insulation
    • Stores easily in footbox, creating the perfect travel pillow
    • Corner strap, shoulder wrap and footbox create the ideal warm weather sleep system



    Weight: 1451 g

    Dimensions: 203 x 147 cm

    Packed Dimensions: 40 x 20 cm

    Fabric: 20D Polyester Top/High Loft Fleece Bottom

    Insulation: Klymalite™ Synthetic Fibre Filling

    Additional Information

    Barcode 846647005004