50 years at Nature’s Service - FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS, Fjällräven has been developing products that make it easier for people to enjoy the outdoors. Everything started with its founder, Åke Nordin, and his vision of bringing more people out into nature. Since then, Fjällräven has stayed true to its mission of providing innovative, functional products that can be enjoyed by generations of outdoor enthusiasts across the world, receiving a number of distinguished awards over the years. 

Embodying the mantra of ‘leave no trace behind’, Fjällräven’s products are designed with sustainability at the forefront, involving extensive research and development to ensure that any new product aligns with their design philosophy. The result is a range of products with exceptional durability, low environmental impact with a timeless Swedish design.
Fjällräven’s range today still includes products that were historically innovative at the time of its creation, like the Greenland Jacket, with its design much unchanged since it’s development in 1968, as well as theKänken Backpack, initially made to prevent back problems of Swedish school children, now listed as a work of art in the Svensk Form and recognized as a fashion icon around the world.