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The stunt flying group Fribourg Voltige was founded in 1969 by some passionate pilots and was able to include several stunt flying pilots of international renown among its members. Fribourg Voltige has always been committed to making people more familiar with stunt flying as a sport and to promote its further development. In previous years, the group has operated the widest range of airplanes such as Bucker, Pitts, Acrostar, Cap 10 and Extra 200.

Three years ago, the Group decided to acquire a new airplane. We decided to get a plane of the latest generation, a XA42, also known under the name of Sbach 342. At 650 kg (empty weight), with its powerful 6 cylinder engines with 315 HP and a maximum speed of approx 430 km/ has well as accelerations of up to +/-10 G, this full carbon plane has some unusual flying properties. Its giant cross rudders allow the pilot to perform 5 roles in less than 5 seconds!    ​