Late last year, Zen introduced award winning Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven, an exciting addition to our range of world leading products.
The Kånken backpack is one of Fjällräven’s flagship products, loved across the world since its creation in 1978 for its durable functionality and more recently having made waves in the fashion world for its unique look. Today, the Kånken is available in a range of different styles to suit any need; the Classic version is the perfect day pack for travellers and hikers, the Mini as a school bag for little ones and the Laptop version with padded sleeves is ideal for commuters.

Fjällräven is a world leading, sustainable outdoor brand, with their extensive range of premium outdoor apparel and equipment being the preferred choice for conscientious trekkers everywhere. Fjällräven’s products are made using materials specifically chosen for their minimal environmental impact, made with functionality and longevity in mind and are designed to be timelessly stylish to ensure versatility.
Our launch of the Kånken backpack has been received with overwhelming demand and we have many more exciting things in store! The Kånken is available now at Zen, with Fjällräven’s range of apparel and gear coming soon. If you’d like to become a Fjällräven Dealer, express your interest by letting us know here.