The Travelers Against Plastic (TAP) campaign educates global travelers about the harmful impacts of plastic water bottle usage and encourages them to use alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles and to be prepared to clean their own drinking water.

TAP spreads the message that the use of disposable plastic bottles while traveling:

  • - is hard on the environment
  • - is a hardship for communities left with the garbage
  • - is expensive
  • - can often be unhealthy

No traveler wants to leave a trail of plastic water bottles behind them, but many don’t know how to avoid it.

The solution is easy:

Carry a reusable water bottle and a SteriPEN. By filling a reusable water bottle with tap water and making it safe to drink with a SteriPEN you can help avoid the waste of hundreds of millions of plastic bottles each year.

Steripen _in _TAP_Bottle

TAKE THE TAP PLEDGE to avoid buying bottled water when you travel and plan to treat your own drinking water.

Founded by the Executive Directors of two US based sustainable travel organizations; Crooked Trails and Wildland Adventures, the TAP team is a group of committed travelers who believe that we can make a positive impact every time we travel. www.travelersagainstplastic.org

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