Recently, knife aficionado website Knife News  (knifenews.com.au) held a reader survey asking the question “which pocket knives do you believe should never be discontinued?” Well, the results have come in for the top 25 knives as voted by readers, and the clear winner of the survey was none other than the Spyderco Paramilitary 2!

Other Spyderco models including the Delica and Endura models also made the Top 25 list, but the Paramilitary 2 grabbed the #1 spot, with almost a quarter of the participant votes.

The article gives the Paramilitary 2 high praise – here’s an exceprt:

“Spyderco’s Compression Lock has found the perfect host in the Paramilitary 2. Sal Glesser and his team designed the Compression Lock on demand, but the result is a truly innovative lock and on the Paramilitary 2 it is a masterstroke: strong, sure, and dead easy to operate. The Paramilitary 2 delivers cutting performance that is matched by few other knives of its size. The blade can handle a range of cutting tasks owing to a combination of its thick stock and full flat grind. The smooth curves of the oversized handle make for a comfortable grip, even with gloves on. The forward choil confers complete control over the large blade. Add the company’s trademarked SpyderHole, and what more could you ask for in a large EDC?”