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Apple fanboys (and fangirls) rejoice! One of the best cell phone solar chargers for Apple products like iPhones, iPods and iPads is here, and it is the Solio Bolt. With a dual-mode charging system that can be optimised for either Apple devices or non-Apple devices, the Solio Bolt will guarantee the most efficient charging of not only your mobile/cell phone, but any other device that has a USB charging cable, from mp3 players to GPS units and more.

Though the Solio Bolt’s Apple-specific charge mode is a unique and highly useful feature, it certainly is not the device’s only noteworthy characteristic. We love the compact size; at just 150gram, the Bolt is small enough when folded up to fit in the palm of your hand. Unfolded, the Bolt’s size doubles, with two solar panels that soak up tons of sun. Like other Solio solar phone chargers, the Bolt features a small hole in the center that allows you to insert a pencil. Simply point the Bolt toward the sun and angle it until the pencil no longer creates a shadow. By periodically repositioning the Solio Bolt as it charges, you can ensure optimal sun placement at all times.

When it has a full charge, the Solio Bolt’s impressive built-in battery can provide enough power to completely charge two standard cell phones from a dead battery. It provides a powerful enough current to match charging times of a standard wall charger and can give a dead cell phone a full charge in about three hours. Charging the Bolt’s internal battery is relatively fast as well. It takes only one full day (eight to 10 hours) of direct sunlight.

Of course, you can still charge the Solio Bolt at night or when it’s cloudy; just plug it into any USB charger, like the one on your computer or in your car, and it will fully charge in about four and a half hours. The Bolt will hold a full charge for up to a year, making it a perfect backup for emergency power outages.

We also like the LED charge indicator light. With a few pushes of a button, you can determine the amount of power stored in the Bolt’s internal battery, what charging mode (Apple or non-Apple) it is in and whether it’s dispensing power to an external device. Another handy feature is the device’s replaceable battery, which allows you to use the Bolt long after the original battery eventually gives out.

For Apple users, the Solio Bolt is a great solar charger for cell phone and other devices. But non-Apple users won’t be disappointed, either.

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