Ledlenser have taken the innovative design and flexibility of headlamps to a new level with the stylishly-crafted and bright MH3, MH5 & MH7 headlamps. 

A range perfect for every-night users, the new MH Series can be transformed from a head-torch to a handheld light thanks to a simple clip release mechanism built into the headband mounting system. 

Competitively priced and each with its own distinctive selling features, the MH Series make an attractive option for anyone looking to buy a stylish, robust and flexible headlamp:


A stylish and compact entry level headlamp for all kinds of activities, the MH3 transforms from a headlamp to a multipurpose light with just a few quick hand movements. 

The innovative mounting system is easy to use and the clip on the lamp head makes securing it to your shirt or belt simple. The MH3 also comes with Advanced Focus System for quick and precise adjustment of the light beam.


At just 93 grams yet with a strong light output up to 400 lumen, the MH5 has an excellent performance/weight ratio. It comes with a lithium-ion battery and external USB charger for easy recharging via a wall socket, laptop or car adaptor. 

Like the MH3, the lamp head can be easily detached from the headband for use as a handheld light or clipped to a pocket or belt.


The top-of-the-range MH7 combines powerful performance and flexible usability. With up to 600 lumen brightness (in Boost mode), focusable light beam and simple to detach lamp head, it can be transformed to suit any situation. 

The MH7 is also rechargeable, with two energy output modes (Energy Saving and Constant Current) to choose from and can also be used with regular batteries when charging isn't available.

To find out more, visit the Ledlenser page.