18Oz Reflect (1)

 A decade after selling the world’s first BPA-free metal water bottle, Klean Kanteen® continues to push the boundaries of beautiful, sustainable design with the Reflect bottle. Crafted using only sustainably harvested bamboo, food-grade silicone and stainless steel, the Reflect bottle raises the bar in Klean Kanteen’s crusade to create healthy, environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic.

Beautiful in its simplicity and deliberate in design, the Reflect bottle features a Stainless Unibody Cap created from a single piece of stainless steel to guarantee durability and beautifully finished with bamboo. The Klean Kanteen logo, now synonymous with industry leading thought and design, is laser etched onto the bottle, replacing the need to use paint. The Reflect bottle is crafted in two impressive finishes; Brushed and Mirror stainless steel, to complete the sleek aesthetics of the capsule. It also upholds the iconic features of every Klean Kanteen creation, being free of BPA, Phthalates, Lead and other Toxins.

“Reusable products are no longer a novelty, they are the leading edge of a movement to ensure our health, and that of our planet,” says Michelle Kalberer, Co-owner of Klean Kanteen. “Our hope for the Reflect, as with all our creations, is that our customers will continue to re-use it for years and even decades to come. Every use of a Klean Kanteen product makes a difference!” Kalberer said.

For 10 years, Klean Kanteen have poured their heart and soul into creating healthy alternatives to polycarbonate and lined-aluminium reusable bottles. Klean Kanteen’s commitment to the planet is evident in their ability to create products that successfully replace single-use items. “Everything we’re about is designed to ‘Reduce Single-use”. That’s our mantra and we encourage every Klean Kanteen owner to take that pledge alongside us every day” Kalberer said.

The whole Klean Kanteen range includes bottles, insulated bottles, pint cups, tumblers and food containers that are high-quality, durable, re-usable products that last a lifetime.

The Klean Kanteen Reflect bottle is now available in health, lifestyle and outdoor stores around Australia, from RRP $37 for 27oz/800ml and RRP $33 for 18oz/532ml. For more information on the Reflect bottle or Klean Kanteen, visit their website at kleankanteen.com.au, their Facebook page at facebook.com/kleankanteenau or @kleankanteen on Twitter or Instagram.