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What can you do with a XEO? Anything. Everything. And you can do it 24/7, because darkness won’t slow you down. Any low-visibility job, night-time operation, or after-dark activity is safer and easier when lit by 2000 powerful lumens. With a LED LENSER XEO, night becomes your new frontier. After all, why should you stop just because the sun called it quits?


XEO Biker


XEO utilizes groundbreaking technology to achieve impressive performance for any activity.  The independent focusing lenses, easily operated by the dynamic control pad, allow you to stay in control after dark and put clean, clear, and powerful light where you need it most.


XEO Charging 


In addition to lighting your way, power your lifestyle and the rest of your electronic devices with our rechargeable power bank battery. XEO lets you keep on doing what you love – no matter what time of day or night.


XEO Models


Dual LED design - Delivers a maximum 2000 lumens brightness

Smart Light Technology™ - Three different output settings as well as Dim(OPTISENSE), Strobe and Emergency functions

Advanced Focus System®  - Fine adjustment of lighting focal distance and beam diameter

X-Lens TechnologyPRO - The two lenses can be focussed independently, as well as operated in different output modes

Dynamic Control Pad - Light modes and lens outputs are quickly and easily controlled and programmed for your situation using the intuitive control pad

OPTISENSE Technology™ - Detects light levels in the surrounding area and adjusts brightness automatically to save battery life

Air Intake - Air enters the headlamp from the front as you move, cooling the LEDs and allowing the XEO to maintain peak performance and brightness 

Ergonomically Designed Headband System - Provides comfortable wearing with adjustable straps and a clip-lock system for quick attachment or removal of the headlamp and battery pack

GoPro® Mount Compatible - The headlamp and battery packs are compatible with the GoPro® range of mounting systems. Wear the XEO on your head or chest, mount it to a car, bike or boat - the possibilities are almost endless

Headlamp assembly can be clipped directly to the battery pack for conversion to a flashlight

USB Charging Port - The XEO battery pack not only powers the headlamp, it also features a USB port which can be used to charge smartphones, GoPro®s and other USB devices

Tiltable Head

IPX6 Water Resistance rating