Euro SCHIRM-Product Video

For over 90 years, family-run business EBERHARD GĂ–BEL GMBH+COKG have been revolutionising umbrella design - creating products that are not only compact and lightweight, but have been engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions Mother Nature has to offer. Using next-generation frame materials and high quality fabrics, the range of EuroSchirm umbrellas have been tailored specifically for the outdoor recreation and hiking markets.

EuroSCHIRM Birdiepal Octagon

EuroSCHIRM Birdiepal Outdoor

EuroSCHIRM Dainty

EuroSCHIRM Dainty Automatic

EuroSCHIRM Light Trek

EuroSCHIRM Light trek Automatic

EuroSCHIRM Light Trek Automatic Flashlight

EuroSCHIRM Swing Fandsfree

EuroSCHIRM Swing Liteflex

EuroSCHIRM Telescope Handsfree