Unmatched in in terms of power and efficiency, Kovea's range of ultra lightweight and super compact stoves are ideal for those who want reliable performance whilst minimising gear. Weighing less than 100g for each stove, the Kovea range features foldable support legs for stability while in use, an adjustable flame control and can conveniently mount to most standard screw-top butane canisters.

 Stove - Fireman

weight: 87.5g | max. power: 156g/h | ideal for: any budget
Made from die-cast aluminium, this ultra-light stove offers exceptional quality, superior control & even flame dispersion at a competitive price.

Stove - Power Nano
weight: 95g | max. power: 156g/h | ideal for: fast, efficient cooking
With a tested boil time of under 3 minutes, this super compact stove provides the ideal balance between
power, efficiency and portability.

Stove - Titanium (With Piezo)
weight: 88g | max. power: 250g/h | ideal for: high altitudes
A specialised burner head, adjustable valve for flame control, automatic igniter and superior power make the Titanium stove well equipped for all conditions.

 Stove - Supalite Titanium

weight: 60g | max. power: 172g/h | ideal for: minimalist hikers
Constructed from durable titanium, this is one of the world's lightest camping stoves. Its ergonomic folding design and advanced burner head make the Supalight Titanium a perfect addition to any backpack.